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By purchasing from The Re: Club, you are keeping clothes out of landfill.


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The Problem

fast fashion

Due to the fast fashion epidemic, three-quarters of clothing purchased is thrown out within a year! In Australia, 6000kg of clothes are thrown out every 10 minutes!


Alarmingly, it’s estimated that only about 15% of clothes donated to op shops are resold in Australia. That means a large majority goes directly to landfill.


Clothing made from polyester (essentially a plastic) takes up to 200 years to breakdown in landfill, and natural fibres such as wool or cotton should always be kept out of landfill.

The Solution - Australia's most sustainable clothes shop!

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The Re: Club is Australia’s best online thrift shop!

We’re a thrift shop, but better! When you thrift shop online with The Re: Club, you can feel good knowing you’re helping to keep fashion away from landfill. Many thrift stores don’t have the ability to shop online, but its 2021 and hey – who wouldn’t want to browse and shop, have your new clothes delivered to your door and get to try all your new outfits on in the comfort of your own home! The Re: Club is one of the best online thrift stores worldwide; we’re even an online thrift store for men! When it comes to online thrift store clothes, it’s often a lot less overwhelming to browse than physically in an op shop. Thrift shopping online is fast becoming a huge trend, and online vintage thrift stores are also becoming increasingly popular. Thrift store online shopping is addictive – but in a good way! It provides cheap thrift clothes online, whilst also helping save the planet and recycle clothes that have already been produced. As Australia’s largest online thrift store, we’re excited to welcome you to The Re: Club.

The Re: Club is one of the best online second hand stores for clothes worldwide, and Australia’s choice in online 2nd hand stores. As Australia’s favourite consignment store online, we raise the bar when it comes to used clothing stores online.

The Re: Club isn’t just an online thrift shop, we also offer a clothing swap membership where you can trade in anything you no longer want in exchange for points, which can be used as credit to purchase new items from our store! The idea of a swap clothing exchange comes with clothing swap rules (a bit like a clothing swap party) but being able to swap clothes online is a fun new way to shop! We also offer a baby clothes swap and a kids clothes swap, as well as a wardrobe swap for adults, both men and women, even maternity.

An online clothes swap shop that can function as a swap online thrift store – even a coat swap for winter! Swap your clothes with The Re: Club – Australia’s best online thrift shop and clothing exchange. If you’ve ever wanted to be part of a women’s clothing swap or men’s clothing swap, now is the best time to swap used clothes for points, and shop a whole new wardrobe for free simply with items you already own!

When it comes to sustainable fashion, The Re: Club offers the opportunity to shop all your favourite well-known fashion brands, sustainably. Sustainable clothing, ethical clothing and fair trade clothing are important choices for the future of the fashion industry but not always affordable to the public. That’s where The Re: Club helps, we offer ecofriendly clothing and eco fashion at a fraction of the price of regular fashion retailers, simply by shopping second hand. There’s no difference in quality, just a whole lot more love! Shop guilt-free from ethical clothing companies and help make green fashion the new normal! Affordable ethical clothing is sometimes hard to find, but easy with The Re: Club. We offer eco clothing and eco friendly fashion Australia-wide and ship directly to your door with a carbon neutral courier and zero waste compostable packaging.

Shop online with The Re: Club – we ship to all capital cities and towns in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Newcastle, Darwin, Cairns, Townsville, Alice Springs, Byron Bay, Central Coast, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. You can shop sustainably online for clothes from any state or territory in Australia including New South Wales, Queensland, ACT, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. We are the best online thrift store in Australia – shop now!

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We are on a mission to keep fashion out of landfill and in circulation for longer and cannot wait to share with you some amazing insights on how we plan to achieve them together.

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