Do I have to be a Member to shop?

No! Everyone is welcome to shop with us online, in-store or at markets 🙂

Do you buy/consign clothes?

No – Instead, we offer a Clothes Swap Membership.
Instead of receiving money for the clothes you give us, we give you store credit in the form of “points” to spend on an account. You can expect to receive enough points to exchange for items of a similar brand and condition.
Credit can be spent in full in our online store or at markets.

How does the membership work?

The membership gives you access to a whole new/pre-loved wardrobe, allowing you to swap in clothes you no longer wear in exchange for store credit (points), which you can spend on any clothes, shoes or accessories in our online store! As an added bonus, Members of The Re: Club get 24-hr priority access to our weekly ‘drop’ of new items, and also gain better purchasing rates on every item than non-members!

This means you’re helping to close the loop towards a more circular and sustainable economy by prolonging the life of clothes already in circulation and redirecting them away from going to landfill.

Technically – you could do all your clothes shopping with us and never have to support the fast fashion industry again! How good is that!

How do I swap in clothes?

Send us a DM on socials or email to let us know you have items ready to go, and we’ll be in contact with the drop off or delivery address.

If you live outside of Newcastle, we’ll send you our warehouse address for mailing. We also refund the shipping fee in credit back to your account, so you get a bunch of extra credit to spend on new pre-loved items!

If you are local to Newcastle there is two drop off locations one being in Merewether the other in Cardiff.

Please ensure the bag is clearly labelled with your name. We’ll be in contact once your items have been processed to let you know when your credit is ready to spend.

Don’t forget to ensure all items are freshly clean and the bag is clearly labelled with your name so we can make sure the credit is allocated to the correct account! Please see our ‘What We Accept’ page for more info!

Is there a maximum number of clothes you accept per member?

Yes! We have recently launched our new memberships which are detailed below:

Monthly Members;

QUICK SWAP = up to 12 items
WARDROBE CULL = up to 25 items

Yearly Members;

SINGLE WARDROBE = up to 150 items (Cap of 40 items per swap)
FAMILY WARDROBE = up to 300 items (Cap of 75 items per swap)

If you’ve been a member for a while and aren’t sure where you’re up to with your figures – just ask!

How does store credit/points work and how do you allocate points?

For every bag of clothes we collect, each individual item is examined, categorised and classed. We take into consideration material, brand, trend, quality and condition. We then email or DM you to let you know how many points you have gained to spend.

For each particular item, you can expect to be rewarded with enough points to buy you a similar quality and ‘class’ of item. Alternatively, you could split your points to purchase multiple lower class items. Points do not need to be spent all at once – any unspent points will simply stay in your account for the length of your membership and rollover when membership is renewed. If membership is not renewed before the renewal date, any unspent points will expire. Any items swapped in for store credit/points cannot be returned nor refunded in monetary value, and unspent points cannot be redeemed in monetary value.

When will the points appear on my account?

For Members on our monthly memberships, you can expect points/credit to be ready to spend within 5 business days of arrival with us.

For Members on our yearly memberships, you can expect points/credit to be ready to use within 3 – 21 business days of arrival with us.

Where can I spend my points/credit?

ONLINE – Points/credit can be spent in full in our online store! Once you’ve filled your basket, head to the checkout and a pop-up box will appear asking if you’d like to purchase with points instead of $ – it’s that easy!

MARKETS – Points/credit can also be spent at any of our markets – although due to the limited space of a market stall, we have a 10 item limit per member, per market.

Can my points/credit be used by anyone?

Our memberships are for use by the individual listed as the ‘Member’.
If we feel a membership is being used unfairly or shared among people in multiple households, we reserve the right to terminate the membership at short notice and with no refund available.

Do you offer membership refunds?

We do not issue membership refunds, but you are welcome to transfer your membership to a friend for the remainder of the membership.

The Re: Club reserves the right to update these FAQs/Terms & Conditions at any stage so please check back frequently for any updates.

Why should I donate to you when I could just drop clothes to charity?

The Re: Club was founded primarily because we learnt of where a huge majority of charity shop clothes end up – landfill. We are passionate about putting a stop to this!

In Australia, only ~15% of all clothing donated to Op shops gets resold, a small amount gets sent to the rag trade or overseas to developing nations, and the rest (a scarily HUGE amount) ends up going directly to landfill; which to make matters EVEN worse, the charities have to fund the disposal of. What a monumental waste of perfectly good clothing and of charity money!

There are a multitude of other ways you can support charities, but we ask you to please think twice about where you ‘dispose of’ your unwanted clothing.

Do you only take clothing?

We take all clothing, shoes and accessories in good & clean condition for all sizes and ages of women, men, kids, and maternity.
We don’t take work uniforms, costumes, undies or socks – unless brand new with the tag on!

Are the clothes clean?

100% yes!

We can guarantee that the clothes we sell are individually checked for stains and are 100% clean! 🙌 If we even so much as catch a whiff of something we chuck it straight in the wash and give it a thorough clean.

You might notice some of them look creased. Unfortunately we don’t have time to steam them all!

What do you do with anything no longer wearable?

Instead of sending unwearable items to landfill, we are working on a product that will close the loop and give these items another chance of life in another life-form! Our philosophy has always been Zero-wastage…so we’re excited to share more with you soon.

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