we accept

clothes, clothes, clothes

Any clothes or swimwear in clean and good wearable condition (as you would want to find them yourself).

Shoes & Shoeboxes

Quality footwear in clean very good wearable condition. (as you would want to find it yourself) We’d also love your extra shoeboxes!

all sizes, ages & Genders

Women’s, Men’s, Children’s, Maternity, we take it all! Any size is also welcome – we love to be inclusive!


Any soft accessories in good condition: Hats, Scarves, Belts, Bags, and Ties
We also accept Sunglasses!

Wire & Wooden hangers

We always need extra hangers. We only accept wire or wooden – no plastic please.

we don’t accept

We do not accept undies or socks, unless brand new with the tag on.

member's only

postal collection

Ensure your unwanted clothing is in good wearable condition, clean, and ready to pack.

Package up your items in a used box or postal satchel. If you or your workplace doesn’t have any lying around – you can purchase any size from your nearest
Post office or Officeworks.

Set up your own free Sendle account and follow Sendle’s steps to ‘Send a Parcel’.
Message us for the address when you’re ready.

We encourage shipping with Sendle or AusPost as they are Australia’s only Carbon Neutral courier services.

Send us the tracking info & shipping invoice once your package is on its way.

We’ll refund your shipping costs in points/credit onto your account, along with the points/credit from your unwanted clothing items.

Points/credit will appear on your account for you to spend as currency on lots of new items in our online store. Happy shopping!

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